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Travel Tips is an online solution or guide for all your travel needs. You will be able to find all that you need when you are travelling or even if you are bored at home. Should you need to find from accommodation to restaurants, entertainment, shops, activities, venues and more you will be able to find it all in one place. Our site is perfect for the one that’s on the go, from your everyday traveller or camper to the businessman on the go. Our goal is to make life easier for people on the move and people that like to travel and to make sure that travelling is easier with a better experience for all. Travel Tips assist people with valid companies and places and only accepts the “READ DEAL”, assuring the safety of all travellers and offering a service to everyone in need of travel guidance.

With easy registration and login, we assure the best experience to all travellers. 

Top travel destinations in South Africa


Say you have decided you are going on holiday and you are making use of Travel Tips. You need accommodation, right? You sign up and login on to and start browsing. You decide you want to go to Cape Town for a week but you have never been there before and you would like to go and see what it’s about. You get the perfect place to accommodate your needs on Travel Tips and you are ready to go. You need to find out what there is to do and how to move around and you also make use of Travel Tips. Once you are there and unpacked you get hungry and make use of Travel Tips to find a shop so you can grab a bite before you start looking for something to do. After your snack, you make use of Travel Tips again to find the local activities around the area and get exactly what you were looking for. Wine tasing is your thing and you found it in Travel Tips! Later that evening you are hungry and need to eat, you make use of Travel Tips to find a romantic restaurant to take your wife out to. Making use of Travel Tips again you get the perfect transportation to take you there and back. All this was done in one place and you decide to rate everyone on our site and let them know about your experience.


We at Travel Tips strive for perfection and growth and are always looking for ways to better ourselves. With daily updates and always growing our website we are looking into growing beyond South Africa and taking on the world. With systems already in place, we will be taking on the world within the next year (2021). Our APP is already in progress and will hit the market very soon making it even easier for users to find what they are looking for. Striving to do better all the time we are proud to say we are a South African based company and that we are taking on the world from a booming travelling hot spot that is our country.